The Future Is Glutathione | Auro Skincare Products Works For Me!

The Future Is Glutathione | Auro Skincare Products Works For Me!

So everyone who knows me knows that I am always on the hunt for great skin products …. For the past few months, I have been trying these new products that I have come to love for so many reasons. I hadn’t heard of Glutathione (GSH) before and had no idea that without sufficient levels of Glutathione we can’t fight off diseases, or age well. So when my friend Ktee gave me some of these products, I didn’t really know what she was putting in my hands.

I began to try them and within a few days, I could see and feel a real difference in my skin. I came to find out that Glutathione is known as a “Master Antioxidant.” It has the job of recycling all of the other important antioxidants, (like Vitamin C and Vitamin E, etc.), which is why the medical community also nicknames GSH as the “Mother” of all antioxidants. It was discovered in 1888, but doctors didn’t figure out until recently, how to get the human body to re-accept GSH into our bodies in an absorbable form. I was surprised when I found out that we stop producing enough GSH by as early as age 12, due to toxins in the environment and all of the stress that we endure on a daily basis. And with my crazy schedule, between living in a big city and how much I push myself and my voice…I was pretty sure that my GSH levels would be a little low. The glutathione also gives me an energy boost and raises my general sense of well being.

Glutathione was the most researched supplement online for the last three years in a row. There are over 140,000 research articles being posted on this very powerful but underrated antioxidant. The forms of Glutathione that had previously been available were not easily absorbable or effective. And, this is where Auro GSH and the other Auro products come into play!

Auro Skincare just received their patents on the only topical and absorbable form of glutathione… It’s a liquid solution that soaks into your skin within minutes. I use mine as a 30-minute face mask, and the results are dramatic. Before a show or at night out I prep my skin with the mask. Auro Skincare also has a day (WAKE) and night (REST) cream that is transforming my skin every day. Not only does it have the Glutathione in the creams, but it also has powerful adaptogens. These creams also have a patented antioxidant complex that works synergistically to give your skin every antioxidant and type of nutrition that it needs to revive, and reveal the best skin you’ve ever seen. I hope everyone reading this will realize that taking care of your skin is something that you truly owe to yourself. I asked the owners of Auro Skincare to let me provide my readers with a discount… See the website and the discount code below. It’s a gift from me to you …

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