EDM Tunes- JES Interview



Recently EDMTunes had the opportunity to sit down with JES  at her show in Los Angeles at Exchange LA. JES boasts quite the illustrious vocal career. Aside from being a solo EDM artist, JES has done many collaborations with various members of the Trance Family since the early 2000′s.  Sitting down with JES was like sitting down with an old friend. We sat in a retro booth in the green room of the old stock exchange building and began the interview. Right off the bat we began conversing and laughing as I pointed out the DIY wedged sneakers that she had spray painted gold to match her outfit, simply because she didn’t feel like wearing tricky heels. Good call. JES’ bright and bubbly personality was an absolute pleasure to be around. We probably could have kept talking long after the interview was over, but it was time for her to take the stage. JES’ performance was on point as she sang, danced and manned the turn tables. JES’ angelic voice filled the room and had the crowd going nuts. She finished the performance with the iconic hit “As The Rush Comes”, there is no way to describe it, other than, EPIC.