JES & Dan Thompson “Here With Me” Out Now


A new year brings new beginnings, and 2020 is already delivering more than anyone could have expected. Releasing on Grammy-nominated Intonenation Records’ newly initiated sister label, Intonenation Axiom is “Here With Me,” a brand new collaboration from two of the most formidable names in dance, JES, and Dan Thompson.

Building on the massive success of the Dan Thompson remix of JES’ Allure collaboration, “Show Me The Way” which first brought their talents together last year, Here With Me adds fuel to a fire that simply won’t stop burning. Slabs of majestic synth rise from a pounding beat that echoes like the pulse of a million stomping feet while JES’ trademark vocals float like a dream through billowing clouds of atmosphere, revealing a hook that at once charms and intoxicates. An emotional rollercoaster of epic proportions and a huge slice of pure trance energy, it soars to the highest peaks and plunges to the lowest valley. Here With Me is a tribute to the unity that we find on the dance floor and reminds you of all the reasons you fell in love with dance music in the first place.

So start the new year by reconnecting with JES and Dan Thompson because when you’re Here With Me, anything is possible.