JES Drops The Future-Retro Ballad “Lay Down”


JES returns with something entirely new for 2021. “Lay Down,” introduces a fresh sound that puts her award-winning talents front and center, hinting at what might be expected from her long-awaited return to the artist album format.

“Lay Down” is a future-retro ballad built around a stunning JES vocal performance. Punctuated with soulful instrumentation, the sound is brought up to date with a crushing blend of 808’s and trap beats. Recorded in Los Angeles and New York, the song is completed with modern sound design, and emotive synths, keys, and backgrounds. JES is also credited with co-producing the song alongside award-winning songwriter/producer Richard Robson. “Lay Down” is the first release from the three-time Grammy nominee’s anticipated new album expected towards the end of the year, ending a long hiatus from the long-player format. When asked about her new sound, the Billboard #1 singer responded:

“For so many years, I have been searching for an outlet. I needed a way to shed some light on the artist bubbling beneath the songs and style I have been known for. It has always been the point of origin for my songs. But now I have the vehicle to share it directly, to get to the heart of my music. Creating this new music has been so liberating. Being able to re-invent myself with new sounds and the freedom to push my boundaries is electrifying. It’s given me a new level of passion for what I do”.