JES Releases Acoustic Music Video & Remixes For “Photograph”

“I love to do these acoustic versions of songs because it feels like you get to communicate the song in the purest way” said JES. “It’s been really liberating to do a cover (version) because this song has a beautiful innocence and it’s so much fun to step into someone else shoes for a minute.” ~JES

This remix draws heavily on the heart rending vocal performance of JES’ acoustic version. The track builds through poignant breakdowns and a hooky synth plateau into an anthemic drop of bright leads and pounding beats. Roger combines the innocent virtues of the original version with the emotional power of a dance floor classic to great effect.

This deeply melodic remix combines a soft touch with a firm hand. Playing heavily on the strength of the vocal performance the track engages and unfolds in a euphoric dance floor format. Fusing elements of the original version with timeless trance production has produced a truly uplifting remix which is sure to find it’s way into club sets of all types.