JES Releases New Collaboration With Oliver Smith “Don’t Let It End”


Just in time to bring some musical salvation to the strangest of years are JES and Oliver Smith, with their emotional banger “Don’t Let It End.”

Evoking all the emotions of those late-night/festival moments that have become a part of who we are, “Don’t Let It End” brings you back to a place that may be lost right now, but will never be forgotten. When asked about what inspired the lyrics, JES said:

“I wrote the song about being on the road, touring and performing for our amazing dance community. It’s a snapshot of our lives and the people and players who live the music and make up our extended family. We all have a common desire to take our experiences higher, to feel the music inside ourselves, and never give up. Even though we haven’t been able to exercise this part of ourselves for a while, I know that we all still feel it, and as soon as it’s possible, we’ll live it again.”

“Don’t Let It End” brings together the power of two fascinating artists and unites them on one, meaningful path. Combining Oliver’s deep, layered production with JES’ achingly beautiful vocals, the pounding rhythm, and swelling sentiment will make you feel like you’re right back on the dance floor. Close your eyes, feel the music again, and these words will surely come. Don’t Let It End.