JES TranceSound Featured Interview

After having my very first exclusive interview with Jes, also known as Jes Brieden (real name), or else “the voice of Tiesto” back in May this year, few weeks ago I have been given another chance to speak to her in relation to her latest world tour advertising her latest album “High Glow.” During this exclusive interview, Jes spoke about her last countries she visited recently, as well as one of the most funny and intresting stories while touring the album. She also told me about her latest singles being released such as “Closer” and “Awaken” which is going to be a video added to it as well. She also managed to spread the word about some future projects ahead, that means 2011 is going to be a lot busier than 2010 for sure. On top of all those amazing details about her musical life she also managed to say that Rocktronica, it was, is it and always will be Rocktronica for a while.