New JES “Cover Series” Release | “Let Him Go” (Passenger’s Cover)

JES slows the groove down for this chill inspired electronic re-working of a modern standard. Combining pure electronic synths with an earthy groove and haunting reversed vocal effects the track provides the perfect platform for JES’ emotive vocal performance. Bringing a fresh perspective to a cherished anthem is never easy but JES approaches it with the same striking originality that has won her a legion of adoring fans. Proving again why she’s one of the most demanded voices on the planet, JES lends heartrending depth with a haunting vocal that perfectly wraps itself around the meaning of the song.

This unique spin on the Passenger’s original brings the song to an entirely new place and will no doubt introduce JES’ to a whole new audience. So start 2019 with an open heart and if you have to, “Let Him Go.”

Check it out here