Out Now- Lange Remix Of Bobina & JES iBelieve


Bobina & JES’s first collab has been making some making serious waves over the last couple of weeks. We’ve already served you ‘iBelieve’ one way… Now we’re giving it to you a whole different other!

In ingenious fashion, none other than Lange has stepped up to the remix plate and duly knocked a sonic homerun out of the park. Through its 808-style beats, running electro-set percussion, rolling, ‘I Feel Love’-ish basslines and chiptone FX, Lange channels 80s refs & riffs aplenty into the frontend of his mix. Come the seventh-inning stretch, he proceeds to filter trancier elements into its drop. Using cooler chords and acoustic guitar lament, he recasts JES’ vocal in a moodier, more intense light. As the synths swell up from the depths, Lange then swings for the fence with sonorously techy riff that delivers ‘iBelieve’ its striking endgame.