Out Now-New Remixes For Tom Fall & JES “Come Back”


Second chances should never be neglected, so when Tom Fall & JES ask you to “Come Back” once more you will surely want to act on it. Receiving a worldwide release through Zouk (Armada) are two brand new mixes of this deeply emotional collaboration from progressive house masters Torio & Lakeshore and Russian chill out maestro Zetandel.

Opening with an infectious vocal hook and build the Torio & Lakeshore Remix gives “Come Back” a modern arc. Layered synths and vocal effects combine with JES’ stirring vocals and a colossal beat to create an instantly memorable brute of a track that will rock pool parties and festivals with equal passion. In complete contrast Zetandel’s acoustic guitars and etherial strings take “Come Back” to a different destination. The melodic piano and angular percussion pair perfectly with the deeper emotions of the song pushing it firmly into the chill-zone. Tom Fall and JES are offering you second chance to “Come Back.” My advice is make sure you don’t need a third.