THIS SONG SLAPS: [ARTIST INTERVIEW] Jes Prepares To Unleash The Beat

JES - this song slaps

I had a chance to catch up with legendary producer/DJ Jes, and discuss the release of her upcoming mix compilation, Unleash the Beat: Blonde.

Unleash the Beat Blonde is a digital mix album; explain what that is for people who may be unfamiliar with the concept. What draws you to release a musical compilation in this fashion as opposed to a straight album or EP?

I try to release 4 mix compilation albums a year that support my weekly mix show ( Only one of those releases is a physical CD (which is usually a double album), and the other albums are digital only releases. I still approach the digital releases like a normal album with artwork, etc., but I think making more frequent, small releases is better for the fans. It means I can make the albums more current so they better reflect what’s happening in trance, progressive and electro right now. Most of the tracks are favorites of mine from recent “Unleash The Beat” mix shows and the digital format seemed to be the most effective way to bring my latest mixes to my fans. My Unleash The Beat Blonde mix will be available on July 14, 2014 on all major download stores and you can get a preview of the action here.