THINK IN ELECTRONIC- Unleashing The Beat With JES

How are you doing and how has 2014 been treating you so far, highlight of the year so far?
Hi ThinkinEDM! 2014 has been a pretty busy and interesting year so far. Already I have made a smooth transition into a new working space in Los Angeles. The new studio has been really inspiring and I have been able to finish off many of the songs I had started writing last year. I’m finally getting onto a better schedule and making a more balanced situation for myself. Making music is so much fun but I’m trying not to work until 3 am every night J.
We are from South Africa, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear South Africa?
I actually performed in Johannesburg with Tiesto during his “Elements of Life” Tour so when I think of South Africa it brings back a flood of great memories from the tour and how much fun we had. The show was during the Rugby World Cup and I went on stage right after South Africa had won a game and the vibe was amazing. The show was absolutely wild the people were really excited.  We were all backstage hoping that they would win  and it was an incredible night after that!

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