JES’ Release New Crossover Track “We Belong To The Night” Out Now


JES, who has been the name to know for fans of authentic dance music delivers one more reason to keep saying her name. From the first note, the nocturnal theme of “We Belong To The Night” (via esteemed Dutch label Magik Muzik) is unmistakable. JES’ unique tone and delivery dominates the story and leads like a light in the dark from beginning to end. The sound is both deeply electronic and undeniably organic, deconstructing formulas and framing JES’ unique ear for melody against a backdrop of doubtless blissed-out acceptance.
Speaking of the song JES says “Belong has been a part of a deep transitional period for me. Music has always been my heart, so it’s only natural that my re-invention starts there. I sometimes find myself pushing, struggling to make my world be the way I want it to be. This song is all about the surrender and security of finding that safe zone where you can stop for a moment and drift your surroundings. I wanted to share it at the end of the summer, as one thing comes to end there’s a chance for a new beginning, a new me, a new us.”

“We Belong To The Night” is many things at the same time. Smooth and gritty, sweet and salty, even subtle and harsh. So hit the reset button with JES, and let this wall of auditory emotion take you back to where you belong.